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January 2013

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Self Improvement Movement!

Uuuugh! I have been awful at a lot of things such as eating and working out specially since the wedding is on it's way the thing is that I'm such a procrastinator....

Today I woke up stretched ate oatmeal and then went jogging for 30 min

Showered caught my ride got to work an hour early and bought a banana and a yogurt for breakfast
For lunch I was going to make a salad with chicken eat it with cheese and ranch but then I didn't get that far... I skipped lunch took some fried chicken from work and ate it for dinner :( awful....

I want to eat more calcium based foods cuz I am really bad at calcium intake. I avoid milk for the most part and even when I get soy milk I tend to drink a glass every other day. I have decided that I will mix dairy in somehow and eat more salads take more vitamins ect... I want to do all this because I was eating a apple lollipop and with caramel.. It was kind of old and the caramel was hard at some parts and soft in others. I secured to bite on it and my tooth chipped D: it was awful!!!

Now today I also wanted to go to a Lolita meet but I had to cancel it cuz my sister needed a sitter :( very much depressing there will be others though so it's ok...

Also I haven't mentioned this bit I got a brand dress for Xmas.. It's AP pink dress I loved it!!!

My cousin did my hair an make up ^-^ I'm really happy about it also I will post up a few other outfits from bodyline cuz my shipment came in... I've been wearing my skirts but I have yet to take pictures.. I'll post them up eventually specially since it's getting warmer out.

Oh yeah... I feel like I shouldn't tag my entries, I don't think anyone would really be interested on my life journal. Specially since I am always bummed out when I look for something and it turns out that I get someone else's sappy personal journal; disappointment! Also I will work on my grammar and punctuation! I notice I do ... A lot. ^_^" It's a texting habit.

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